What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "Doctor & assistant really reviewed and explained my concerns."
    Brian T.
  • "Dr Gloria Wright is a physician who has understood my needs to get back to work and life quickly. Fortunately, I am rarely sick, but when I need her, she rocks! Her biggest problem is front office staff who do not understand her mission to help people. She doesn't stand for it once she is told about a bad experience trying to get an appointment. I have been her patient for years. I trust her completely and feel like she has my best interests in mind and takes really good care of me. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a holistic medical physician who sees and treats integrative medicine. A final note, she truly cares about her patients! I feel blessed to have her as my physician!"
    Diana S.
  • "Doctor explained what I needed to do and had given advice what type of food I should be eating to control my A1c count."
    Rose D.
  • "Was great… Dr Wright is always very pleasant and very caring and full of very helpful information to help patient."
    Sandra H.
  • "Always detailed and concerned explanations. Dr. Anthony actually takes time to talk with his patients sincerely."
    Robert C.
  • "I look forward to visiting with Dr. Wright. His insights have helped guide me through my later years."
    William B.
  • "The only issue was my appt was at 10 a.m. but i was in my room for 45 mins before dr. G. Finally came in"
    Cynthia A.
  • "Chris the nurse was great at explaining what she was doing and giving approx. times when MD would be in. MD Anthony took his time and I didn’t feel rushed."
    Kimberly C.
  • "Was seen expeditiously and given thorough explanation regarding my potential condition. Provided with immediate blood test and scheduled for follow up exams to help with diagnosis."
    Enrique R.
  • "Great visit, very impressed with Dr. Anthony Wright and also with Mr. Will Diaz."
    Luz D.
  • "She took the time to explain,listen and offer advice instead of just giving a pill without trying other things first."
    Paulette S.
  • "Dr Gloria Wright is the best! I really like and appreciate the care she gives me."
    Martha J.
  • "Dr. Anthony Wright and his staff are amazing!"
    Ashley R.
  • "I always have a wonderful experience with Dr. A AND HIS STUDENTS. The front desk ladies could do with some kindness lessons."
    Summer G.
  • "Dr. Gloria always listens to the whole issue and offers solutions that make sense for me. She doesn’t just put a bandaid on the symptoms and send you away. Rather, she digs deep enough to find the root of the issue to actually solve the issue!"
    Tamara S.
  • "Dr. Gloria takes an personal interest in her patients. She’s very kind, knowledgeable & helpful"
    Jane B.
  • "Dr.Gloria Wright is caring and knowledgeable. I had very severe lower abdominal pain. (My brother has just passed away.) After I explained my symptoms to Dr. Gloria, she determined that I was harboring stress, depression, and anxiety from my trauma,, affecting this area and creating constipation. Dr. Gloria recommended my taking magnesium citrate & Rescue Remedy for the accumulated stress. Today, 9.25.2021, I am feeling 75% better, very near full recovery in just a day, Thank you, Dr. Gloria."
    Janie S.
  • "No better customer service and Dr. Anthony is great! You can be sure you are getting professional medical care and a great personality."
    Saundra M.
  • "Very professional, answered all my questions exactly to what I needed and made it all make sense"
    Andrew B.
  • "Very pleasant patient environment. Dr Wright was easy to communicate with. Good listener when discussing my medical concerns. Good referral program to specialty clinic's/doctors. Great location.. Overall happy patient."
    Charles L.
  • "I find it was easy and a lot safer considering the pandemic. Thank you Doctor ."
    Nancy W.
  • "Dr. Wright was very informative about the Covid and how to disarm the virus. I started the medication last night and this morning I feel 80% better."
    Jeryl M.
  • "Dr. Wright is an outstanding doctor. He always takes the time to listen, make a plan and fully explain the course of action that is needed to get you well. Very caring!"
    William S.
  • "You are always very good at explaining things but please don't over book cause the last 2 x I've been there I've had to wait. Today it was over an hour."
    Nelda M.
  • "Dr. Gloria Wright’s office is very professional, informative & very cautious about checking in patients to avoid COVID-19."
    Josie G.
  • "Unlike many other doctors, Dr. Wright truly takes the time to listen to her patients & really wants to get to know the whole person. I have already recommended her services to a friend."
    Sandra H.
  • "Mrs. Reyes was kind and very understanding as I was expressing my needs. She communicated well and always made sure I was comfortable as she completed her exam."
    William L.
  • "Was taken in on time. Saw the student. Dr Wright came in and we discussed my visit."
    Jerome E.
  • "Dr Anthony Wright is Fabulous. My son just moved from pediatric care and was so impressed with Dr Anthony Wright. He felt so comfortable with him and he has had a lot of Doctors in his Life and never felt this happy with a new doctor. Would highly recommend."
    Matthew W.
  • "Staff was lovely, doctor was very sweet too. Clinic seemed very busy, but neither staff nor doctor was rude in any way. My needs were cared for in a gentle, satisfactory way."
    Elizabeth B.
  • "Everything was perfect except... the fish at the front needs a name tag. They did not identify themselves ;)"
    Courtney J.
  • "Very professional. Your interm was very professional, friendly & easy to talk too. She made me feel at ease. She was knowledgeable as well as thorough in my screening."
    Johnnie R.
  • "Dr Wright and Beckie were thorough in their explanation of each step of the procedure. Dr Wright was very gentle and efficient. I was put at ease and very pleased with the care I was given."
    Sharon B.
  • "Very nice and professional and polite letting me talk about my deceased husband and later our dog. She’s allowing me to return in a few days for blood and urine. Very nice practitioner. I enjoy our visits"
    Sharon K.
  • "I feel secure and well taken care by PA Rebecca."
    Mary P.
  • "Enjoy my interaction with my doctors. Always so helpful. Staff is kind and also do helpful"
    Sharon M.
  • "Very good information. She does amazing job. She is a sweet doctor!"
    Alison D.
  • "Very confident exam very through in investigating the location of my pain and doing small physical tasks to pin point the areas causing the discomfort."
    Charles J.
  • "NP Rebecca listened to my immediate health concerns, thoroughly looked into my health history, & thoughtfully recommended/prescribed treatments."
    Angelita S.
  • "Dr. Gloria Wright was very kind and thorough. I appreciate her very understandable explanations."
    Janell L.
  • "Rebecca's treat us like her own family. How can we not enjoy our visit. She makes sure my 88 yrs young Mother understands everything before we leave her office. My Mother is so pleased with Rebecca. For the first time ever, she looks forward to her doctor visits . What a BLESSING Rebecca is to our family!"
    Gertrude J.
  • "Ms. Rios is very attentive, ask great questions and listens to my response, I really appreciate her."
    Langston W.
  • "Treated very well by all staff & medical professionals. Dr Anthony was able to assess my problems & take action to further diagnose my conditions."
    Ann K.
  • "As usual…FANTASTIC! I was in his exam room very fast and the treatment was very professional and cordial. The PA was also very professional and easy to talk to. My Dr. answered all my question to my satisfaction. I felt I was important to my Doctor no matter what the subject and over everything I felt the Doctor was not on a hurry to get rid of me but eager to be of service. I totally recommend Dr. Wright"
    Jose S.
  • "Very pleased with my health care review. As a new patient, Dr Wright throughly reviewed my health records and devised a treatment plan that should improve my health."
    Richard W.
  • "Dr. Anthony Wright has been my PCP for over 10 years now and he is always fully interested in addressing whatever issue I may have and has always been totally competent in his recommendations. He is the best."
    Daniel W.
  • "Easy, on time and a comprehensive evaluation. Dr A listened to all my concerns and took steps to find out what’s happening and discussed possible care plan"
    Mary D.
  • "I finally find the one! A provider who’s professional, attentive, compassionate, understanding and genuine."
    Kristina E.
  • "Health care provided in a friendly, safe environment by caring professionals."
    Susan Y.
  • "So grateteful to have such an amazing practitioner who actively listens!"
    Tracy M.
  • "Excellent and very thorough. I always receive excellent information and good explanation regarding my health."
    Joanne S.
  • "Rebecca takes time to explain lab results, medications she prescribes and listens to issues concerning your health and well being."
    Tandy M.
  • "I love it here. They really care and listen to your concerns."
    Carrie W.

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