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Intravenous (IV) therapy is full of beneficial vitamins and minerals that boost your energy, improve your mood, and contribute to generally excellent health. At Total Health Primary Care, PLLC, in Selma, Texas, the medical professionals offer IV therapy in the office, allowing you to get instant effects when you’re tired, worn down, sick, or dehydrated. Learn more about IV therapy by calling the office or clicking the online scheduling link.

IV therapy Q & A

What is IV therapy?

IV therapy is a safe way to take in a large number of vitamins and minerals at one time. While taking nutritional supplements orally is highly effective, it might not give you a large enough dosage when you're sick or need an immediate health boost. 

That's where IV therapy comes in. This treatment delivers the nutrients you need straight into your bloodstream. Because the vitamins and minerals never move through your gastrointestinal tract, you don't lose anything during digestion. When you absorb all the nutrients, your body can instantly put them to use.

What kind of problems can IV therapy treat?

IV therapy has many different applications. Some of the most popular problems that IV therapy can help with include:

  • Fatigue
  • Low energy
  • Dehydration
  • Joint pain
  • Migraines
  • Illness, such as the flu

Although IV therapy can support your health and wellness in a multitude of ways, insurance plans currently cover this service only for dehydration.

What happens during an IV therapy treatment?

Before your IV therapy treatment at Total Health Primary Care, PLLC, your provider reviews your medical history and current needs with you. That helps them recommend the ideal IV therapy cocktail for you. A number of different vitamins and minerals, each with powerful effects, are available. 

Your provider prepares your arm and then secures an IV lightly with a small piece of tape. For the next 30-60 minutes, the infusion gradually enters your bloodstream. 

You can read, use your phone, or take a short nap during IV therapy. 

When might I feel better after IV therapy?

You typically notice an improvement almost immediately. That's the advantage of such a large infusion of beneficial vitamins and minerals over a short period of time! 

Many people get IV therapy for the first time when they're ill but decide to have regular IV therapy infusions afterward because they appreciate the instant benefits so much. 

IV therapy can help you feel better, improve your energy level, and much more. Find out what this innovative natural treatment can do for you by calling Total Health Primary Care, PLLC, or clicking the online booking tool. 

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