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What Is Functional Medicine?

How functional medicine services from your doctors can help you stay healthy.

Do you feel like something is missing from your healthcare? If so, you could be right. Conventional medicine tends to focus on your body as a collection of body parts, instead of an interdependent whole organism. Holistic medicine is different. The focus of functional medicine is to treat your body as a unit, and to keep you healthy.

Drs. Anthony and Gloria Wright at Total Health Primary Care serving Selma TX and surrounding areas, offer a wide range of functional medicine services to help you stay healthy.

Functional medicine combines the best of Western and Eastern medicine, plus alternative medicine. Prevention is the key to functional medicine, and functional medical care uses several important treatment types to prevent illness and disease, including:

  • Nutritional and dietary counseling
  • Examination of your physical well-being
  • Analysis of your environmental exposure
  • Discussion of your emotional and spiritual well-being
  • Analysis of lifestyle factors including exercise

According to the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, or the AIHM, there are several core principles of functional medicine, which are:

  • The use of safe and effective tools for diagnosis and treatment
  • Consideration of the underlying cause of poor health, not just the symptoms
  • Consideration of your individual characteristics as they relate to disease
  • Prevention of disease is more important than treating disease
  • Poor health is related to your whole person, not part of your body
  • Encouragement of a quality healthcare provider to patient relationship
  • Consideration of the needs, desires and thought processes of both the patient and healthcare provider
  • Healthcare providers need to show a good example of a healthy lifestyle
  • Encouragement of patients to utilize positive expressions and thoughts and release negative emotions and thoughts
  • Pursuing a quality life can lead to optimal health

If something is missing from your healthcare, it’s time to explore functional medicine to help you regain your health.

To discover more about the benefits of functional medicine and how it can help you stay healthy, call Dr. Anthony Wright and Dr. Gloria Wright at Total Health Primary Care serving Selma TX and surrounding areas. You can reach them in the office by calling (210) 654-9300, so call today.

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