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How Can I Manage My Diabetes?

If you live in Selma, TX, and have been diagnosed with diabetes, now is the time to partner with Dr. Anthony Wright and Dr. Gloria Wright at Total Health Primary Care. You may need prescription medication to help your body function properly, but that isn’t your only option. Some simple changes to your lifestyle can go a long way when regulating blood sugar levels over time.

Get Your Blood Sugar Under Control

One of the first things your doctor will do if you schedule an appointment to manage diabetes in Selma, TX, is check your blood sugar. If they haven’t been managed properly, you may need medication to intervene quickly.

If you have type 1 diabetes, you will likely need to supplement with insulin. That allows your body to receive the insulin it needs to function healthfully. For type 2 diabetes, lifestyle change is often the most effective treatment. You may still receive prescription medications if deemed necessary by your healthcare provider.

You will receive instructions for checking your blood sugar daily. Once your blood sugar levels are at healthy levels, you will work to maintain that control over time.

Boost Your Activity Level

An important step for managing type 2 diabetes is to start moving your body. Adding cardio and/or strength training workouts to your daily life will work. If you find that difficult or intimidating, you can start small. Go for a walk around the block or find a park in your local community with beautiful scenery.

Even cleaning your house can boost your activity level. Turn on some music and dance. Do sit-ups, lunges, and wall push-ups before starting your day. Do yoga or stretching in the morning. There are so many options.

Focus on Nutrition

Your doctor will likely recommend a diabetic-friendly diet that focuses on whole foods as close to their natural state as possible. Following the diet consistently can make a significant difference in your blood sugar levels.

Prioritize Preventative Medical Care

One of the most important things you can do to manage your diabetes is to commit to routine medical checkups. That gives your doctor a chance to monitor your diabetes while checking for other potential health risks. Your blood sugar is less likely to get out of control for a long period of time if you consult with your doctor regularly and then follow medical advice consistently.

If you’re looking for a doctor trained to treat diabetes in Selma, TX, and the surrounding area, contact Total Health Primary Care at (210) 654-9300 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Wright. It’s never too late to start managing your diabetes and protecting your overall health and well-being.

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