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What You Don't Know Can't Help You

This is the first of several articles I will be writing to enlighten the public of options that are available to maximize your health goals. As a doctor, we are sworn to “Do no harm” and as a Minister, I am to help our fellow man in God’s name. This combination of values has brought me to question what I have learned and seek the Truth behind illness. When I talk with like-minded Physicians, Providers, Natural Healthcare personnel, Healers and Dentists…we all speak of maximizing our patient’s innate God given healing potential. But unfortunately, the public is unaware of what we have learned at Functional medicine conferences, Healing retreats, Anti-aging conferences, Complimentary medicine conferences, Mitochondrial medicine conferences, Ozone conferences, Stem cell conferences, Natural Hormone Therapy conferences… Our medical care of today is awesome in a state of emergency but has a lot to be desired for long term prevention and perpetuation of good health. 

Unfortunately, that which is covered by your health insurance is very minimal considering what is available. Medicines have helped us live longer, but, is this longer life really increasing our quality of life? Life is multifaceted and enjoying your time on Earth consciously is one of those facets. Alternative medicine, Functional medicine or Complimentary medicine… is about staying functional, physically and mentally fit until we meet our maker. Symptoms should be investigated not just covered up with a medication that stops the symptoms, unless you know the cause. Medical education is not training new providers to look for the original cause of the symptoms anymore. 

Today, the rule of medical education is to teach the identification of symptoms, as it is correlated to a label or disease, so a medication for that diagnosis can be prescribed. Symptom + diagnosis= medication. Maybe this is one of the reasons why we have the highest medical expenditures in the world with the sickest population. If you are looking to stay healthy it will take some self-educating effort on your behalf. Looking outside of the box may prove to give you some answers. Stay tuned for a look at multiple supplements, lifestyle changes, procedures, practices, foods, diets, waters, special lab testing, CBD oil, Ozone benefits, Stem Cells, Acupuncture, Manipulation and anti-aging practices performed worldwide, …

Until next time remember this is Dr G reminding you that… 

What you don’t know can’t help you.

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