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What You Don’t Know Can’t Help You. Let’s Talk About Stem Cells.

What people don’t know about Stem cells is that they are not acquired by killing anything. On the contrary, the FDA has now become involved in making sure that the Stem cells are acquired from umbilical cord blood in a safe and sterile way from healthy U.S. mothers that deliver healthy infants. Stem cells reproduce healthy cells. Whatever cell they come in contact with they will reproduce. This is how a baby grows. The baby has its own Stem cells and continues to make its own without the umbilical cord, we have just recycled the Stem cells that would have otherwise been discarded in the after birth. The baby is never harmed by this process. How can Stem cells be used? 

In the presence of Stem cells, injured tissue regenerates itself and heals at an exponential rate. This is why Professional sports figures are healing quickly from injuries and getting back into the game faster than the average person ever would! It’s not cheap, but guess what, nothing MIRACULOUS ever is. Stem cells have been available for decades worldwide and has evolved into very safe potent solutions that can be injected into joints to regenerate the tissues within the joint, or injured ligaments or tendons. It has been injected into patient’s blood to benefit the first structures that the stem cells will come in contact within the circulation, like lungs and brain. It has even been used for anti aging to keep the skin looking young. In other countries that have been treating with Stem cells, such as Mexico, they are injecting the stem cells into the heart muscle of people with congestive heart failure, and regenerating heart muscle, and doubling the pumping ability of the failing heart. In Mexico they are also injecting Stem cells into the pancreas and curing Diabetes. In the U.S. we are not allowed to do this, yet. The rest of the world has been researching and developing this science wit Stem cells and the benefits are outstanding! 

The Stem cell company we use obtains Stem cells/exosomes from 3 important areas that is monitored by the FDA for quality control. First, they get the majority of the stem cells from the umbilical cord that has been freshly removed from a healthy baby from a healthy U.S. birthing mother. Around the umbilical cord is an insulating jelly like substance called Wharton’s jelly that also houses brand new Stem cells known as exosomes. This Jelly is also harvested. Then, in order to mix these two substances together with a harmonious solution they use some of the umbilical blood. These three substances work and support each other and are able to maintain 10,000,000 stem cells minimum per inject-able unit. These Stem cells are found to be more powerful than the ones we have in our own bodies because ours are older and theirs are coming from cells programmed to quickly and efficiently reproduce healthy cells that they come in contact with. That is why babies grow so fast! These Stem cells also reproduce more of themselves, in comparison to ours. Some people have gotten their Stem cells suctioned out from fat from their abdomen or even gotten it from their bone marrow. This is an extensive procedure utilized to isolate their own stem cells only to obtain much smaller amounts that do not reproduce well. 

Research has allowed us to realize that the acquisition of Stem cells can be obtained much easier, less invasive, and at higher concentration of Stem cells that have a longer reproductive life, enhancing their beneficial effects on the tissues they come in contact with. All this without having to undergo fat or bone marrow suctioning. Ouch $$$. This is truly the age of MIRACLES. Oh, and by the way the only way the FDA would approve Stem cell use is if it was made available to the public through licensed trained Health professionals. Researchers also had to prove that the Stem cells would not cause cancer cells to grow. After extensive research Stem cells approved by the FDA were found not to promote cancer cells to grow… That is why the FDA is allowing its use and why we have access to it today in our office. Medical miracles are not only for the rich and famous, it is available for all but if you don’t know the truth, it can’t help you. If you are interested to see if Stem cells can help you with your health challenge, please call for a consultation with Dr. Gloria Wright or Dr. Anthony Wright at 210 654- 9300. 

Keep learning because what you don’t know can’t help you.

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