The Role of a Primary Care Physician in Your Healthcare Journey

Part of your healthcare journey is learning where you are at now so that you can take steps to get to where you want to be in the future. A primary care physician is an important companion on the journey to overall wellness. Get started on the road to feeling, looking, and being healthier with the help of Dr. Anthony Wright, Jr. and Dr. Gloria Wright, primary care doctors at Total Health Primary Care in Selma, TX.

What Is a Primary Care Physician (PCP)?

A primary care physician is the doctor you see for regular checkups yearly or throughout the year. This doctor is the main source of contact for all of your medical needs and will usually have the most details about your health history. Since you see this doctor regularly, you can develop a trusting relationship, which makes it easier to get to the root of your concerns and continue on the path to better health.

A Primary Care Doctor’s Role

At Total Health Primary Care in Selma, TX, you can rest assured that you’ll receive quality care from physicians who stay up to date on the latest trends in medicine. These are the roles that a primary care provider (PCP) will play in your healthcare journey:

  • Regular checkups, including weight, blood pressure readings, and physical examination.
  • Prescription management, including existing medications and those for newly diagnosed conditions.
  • Blood and urine testing, as well as referrals for other recommended tests or scans.
  • Diagnosis of certain conditions or diseases.
  • Referrals to specialists and mental health professionals.
  • Having important discussions with you about your overall well-being, specific dietary needs, and symptoms you may be experiencing.
  • Consulting you on revolutionary treatments, like bioidentical hormone therapy, that can help relieve your health concerns.

When You Should See Your PCP

Generally, it’s recommended that you see your primary care doctor annually for checkups. Older individuals or patients with chronic diseases see their primary care doctor more than once per year depending on the physician’s advice. You should also see your PCP if you have a pressing health concern with symptoms that are interfering with your ability to have a comfortable lifestyle.

Journey to Wellness with Your Primary Care Doctor

Whether you’re on a new health insurance plan and searching for a health provider, or you’re looking for a change, it’s good to have a thorough understanding about the role of a PCP. Call (210) 654-9300 today for an initial consultation with a primary care physician at Total Health Primary Care in Selma, TX.

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