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Allergy Testing

Relief is on its Way

Having allergies can be a nuisance to your everyday life. The constant sniffling, sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, irritated skin, and other symptoms that may characterize your allergies are bothersome and distracting. In order to pinpoint what exactly you’re allergic to, we recommend having a complete allergy test performed by your primary care physician at Total Health Primary Care!

Maybe you’re allergic to your dog’s fur, tree pollen, insects, or a combination of all three. Our allergy testing involves an application of the 60 most common allergens in Georgia and the surrounding areas to your forearm. There are no needles involved, and it is virtually pain-free! You’ll even have results before you leave our office. There’s truly nothing to lose!

Allergy Testing Consent Form

Before we can perform your allergy test, we’ll need you to fill out our allergy testing consent form. It’s important for us to understand what allergens seem to irritate you the most, whether you’re currently on any allergy medication, what allergy symptoms you currently have, and other information regarding your condition. We’ll make every effort to identify what you’re allergic to in order to prescribe the best medication for your unique case. 

Please take the time to fill out our allergy testing consent form to reduce your waiting time prior to your appointment. For more information about this service, give us a call today!
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